Human body facts

Human body facts

Human body facts – 7 facts about our bodies that are almost myths Facts about our bodies that most people think they know. What we think we know is very different from the real facts.

White sugar is less Healthy than Brown sugar

Brown sugar vs white sugar. We’ve all heard the myth that brown sugar is healthy and white sugar is not. Well, let me tell you that brown sugar and White sugar are the same things. The difference is that brown sugar is mixed with molasses.

 Sitting close to the television or close to any monitor damage your eyes!

This myth is not true, sitting too close to a monitor or too close to a TV Will never damage your eyes, there´s no evidence yet that sitting down right in front of a monitor or in front of a Television damages someone´s eyes.

Debora Ronca, a contributor to the How Stuff Works Website, argue that sitting close to the monitor or in front of a tv, may not make a child a nearsighted.

Are men more likely to get heart attacks than women?

Well, a woman´s heart may look just like a man´s, but let me tell you, there are significant differences between them. Like the rest of the people, we tend to believe that heart disease is a male problem. American Herat Association survey found that most women don´t feel like they have a personal risk for heart disease. Women are also more likely than men to develop small vessel disease.

Do you really need to get eight hours of sleep a night? 

Sleep is very important for our brains to clean themselves of toxins. Since years we´ve been told that we need eight hours of sleep every night, but this is a myth because everyone is different, people who sleep 7 hours a night have the lowest risk of death rates.

Sugar makes children hyperactive.

Human body facts

Sugar makes children hyperactive, modern science disagrees with this myth. Well, this is nothing more than a myth. But as we know years of oral tradition say yes. According to a study conducted in 1994, in The Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, investigators employed 35 young girls and boys and including their mothers, the investigator Split them into two groups and false birthday parties for each of the group.

The investigators used to use a sugary drink with the first group, and with the second group they used a harmless place, and the investigators told the mothers that the results were the same in both groups.

Reading in Dim Light Ruins Your Eyes? 

Human body facts

This is totally false, reading in dim light does not ruin your eyes, according to most of the ophthalmologist, reading in the dim light it won’t cause lasting damage in your eyes. As far as we know, for centuries, all night time sewing, and reading was done by candlelight, kerosene lamps and using gas. Remember If you spend plenty of your time a day staring at a computer screen reading, try these 20/20/20 rules. Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and look at something 20 feet away. Do this every day

Are people with Flat feet prone to injury?

The problem is, it could be true. Flat feet, is a health problem in which the foot lacks a normal arch, the arch of the foot is similar in construction to an arched bridge. It is true that flat feet can lead to all sorts of big problems with the feet, back, and ankles. But we are not totally sure about people with the problem are more prone to injury, we need more researches.

Thanks for reading this amazing seven myth about our bodies.


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