Lose 20 Pounds In A Month

Lose weight

Lose 20 pounds in a month by following these tips that are very useful for you. Have you ever heard the phrase? You are what you eat, that is totally true if you eat unhealthy foods, you will probably gain weight and you will feel tired and sick.

What is Healthy Eating?

Healthy eating, it’s about feeling great with yourself, eating a variety of foods that give you the nutrients that your body need to maintain your body healthy, and free of dangerous toxins.

So you should be careful about the type of foods that you going to eat every day. Otherwise, healthy eating is important for our body and it is not about strict dietary limitations

Best Balanced diet to Lose Weight

How to lose 20 pounds in a month by eating a healthy, yummy and balanced diet. It is known that no food can lead to weight loss so easy

Broccoli To Lose Weight

How to lose 20 pounds in a month

This is the health benefits of eating broccoli to lose weight, a cup of cooked broccoli offers as much vitamin C as guavas, kiwifruit or oranges, also broccoli is a good source of vitamin C, which makes is good for your skin and immunity and, also broccoli contain vitamin K, curbs and high in fiber, which is great for weight loss

Oven Baked Salmon

Oven baked salmon to lose weight it could be your best choice. Wild salmon is one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids, high in vitamin D, and…

Consuming baked salmon you could lose up to 5 pounds in a few days. This is very important for you to know, you will not lose tons of weight just eating salmon, but wild salmon does have some positive qualities that can help you lose pounds that you don’t want. I highly recommend eating oven baked salmon at least 5 times a week

Greek Yogurt For Weight Loss

Lose 20 pounds in a month

When it comes to weight loss, Greek Yogurt is one of the best things you can eat every morning to start your day and lose weight easy and very fast, this means that you can lose as much as 20 pounds in a few weeks.

Greek yogurt is not only is rich in vitamin B12 and calcium, but also Greek yogurt contains almost the twice the amount of protein found in red meat, so this means that you will feel satisfied for a longer time without starving

Oatmeal Diet For Weight Loss

Oatmeal is a healthy diet that you can choose for weight loss, oats are packed with nutrients, fiber, carbs, antioxidants, vitamins A, vitamin D, and calcium

Every morning you should start your day by eating a bowl of oatmeal to lose weight. In a cup of oatmeal, there are approximately 140 calories and about four grams of fiber, we know that fiber can helps the absorption of fat.

Chia seeds For Weight Loss


Chia seeds for weight loss are one of my favorite food diets and I love these delicious seeds because they are among the healthiest foods on the earth

 Chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, phosphorus, high in fiber approximately two tablespoons of chia seeds have almost 10 grams of fiber, which can help you to lose weight. Chia seeds also contain vitamin B1, vitamin B2, protein, and antioxidants.


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